Michael Burshtein

Born In 1986

Currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel

Speaks English, Hebrew & Russian

On Screen Since 2013


Past & Upcoming Scheduled Travel for Productions:

 2017 - Ivana Chubbuck Class with Shahar Rozen (Israel)

High level actor and performer

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This portfolio is combined of old and new projects from my home country Israel and across the world. I had the honor to work with wonderful creators from all over the globe, professional and amateurs, young and old. Enjoy.

Screened at the "Cannes Short Film Corner" on 2015. Shot as part of a Tel Aviv University Student Final Project.

Director: Benny Shklovsky

Shot as part of a Mini Kino Kabaret Festival in Paris in 2015.

Co-Star: Hélène Martinelli

Directors: Szabowski et Taniga

Shot as part of a Mini Kino Kabaret Festival in Paris in 2015.

Co-Stars: Justine AssafSarah Cohen-HadriaEloïse GenetMarjolaine PottlitzerFrédérique Renda

Director: Mélodie Grumberg

Cup Of Coffee
A Chase Scene

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Cup Of Coffee

Independent Short Movie 



A TLV University Short Movie



A Mini Kino Kabaret Movie



A kino Moutarde Movie


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Tel Aviv, Israel


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a challenge for a Versatile actor

A versatile actor on set is a great value. One that can understand the needs of the director and implement them instantaneously.


I have multiple recommendations from actors and directors from across the globe. Creating the right chemistry on set is of most importance for me.

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Pin point actor with a plan for success. Looking for challenging roles in feature films, short films, commercials and series. 


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